Bauer Lopes

German Craft, Portuguese Soul

By the Mörschel

It's Bavaria
taken west

Born in Lisbon and raised in the world, Bauer Lopes is a German-style craft beer of Portuguese character. Simple, uncomplicated, Bauer Lopes is crafted with attitude under the inimitable Mörschel Formula. Seriously flavorsome, it celebrates the joyful, venture spirit of the West Coast. Crafty and clever, Bauer Lopes combines the body and bitterness of an authentic craft beer with the unmistakable crispness and versatility of a lager. Yes, it’s quite simple: Bauer Lopes is a beer with the best of both worlds.

California Common

A Bavarian Lager taken west. From there it evolved and thrived under the sun. This is the result of centuries of craft, embodying the Portuguese venture spirit, proudly brewed under the Mörschel Formula.

India Pale Lager

This IPL straddles the line between Ales and Lagers delivering a crisp and boosted, yet balanced hoppy finish. Lagers are what we do best and we believe this IPL will quench your thirst for aromatic hops blowing off any palate fatigue symptom.


This Weissbier took a 500-year long journey to reach you. It encapsulates refreshing banana and citric flavors, accentuated through the use of traditional and new Bavarian hops. German craft beer to be enjoyed in the year-round Portuguese summer.

When Bauer Meets Lopes

Great things happen

Adults only

Explicity Brewed
material not to be
drank by minors.
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